API Engine Overview

Some of VoiceSense solutions are stand-alone solutions (e.g. human resources, healthcare, customer-care), however, the core speech analysis engines are relevant to various industries that wish to analyze or monitor emotions, state of mind and personality of people.

For such industries, VoiceSense offers an API solution that receives speech input and returns emotions and personality indications. The API can operate in real-time or offline settings within different computing environments.

The innovative API engine can empower existing and new solutions in different industries and markets, including:

Smartphones and mobile devices – emotion monitoring as built-in feature for app developers

Enterprise communication – interaction monitoring

Auto industry – monitoring driver and passengers

Big Data – population statistics

Advertising - targeted by user emotions or personality

Smart TV , Gaming, Coaching and more…


Emotion and state of mind are an integral part of any communication; we therefore believe that the capability to perceive and analyze emotions and state of mind automatically is an invaluable addition to any organization or system that deals with people and involves interpersonal communication.

Emotion and personality through speech analysis