Emotion Detection

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VoiceSense emotion detection analytic engine provides real-time indications of the four basic emotions:
happiness, anger, sadness and contentment.
The analysis consists of two scales:
     Emotional excitement level - vertical scale
     Polarity (positive/negative) - horizontal scale
The combination of the two scales creates the four basic emotions:
     Happiness, enthusiasm – positive, high excitement
     Anger, frustration – negative, high excitement
     Sadness, disappointment – negative, low excitement
     Content, satisfaction – positive, low excitement

The analysis is fully language independent – it works well in different languages, including tonal languages.
The analysis is fully speaker independent – it doesn't require learning/training of the specific speaker voice.
The analysis has a short response time of 5-10 seconds and it reflects emotional changes in the speech over the last 30 seconds.  
The analysis engine provides also statistical summaries of emotion distribution over longer time periods.
Emotion and personality through speech analysis