Enterprise Solution Overview

Speech Enterprise Analytics Leverage

Get accurate profiles of your customers and employees, automatically, based solely on regular calls they made.

Customer analytics

  • • Profile segmented groups of customers
  • • Personalized marketing by buying interests
  • • Correlate satisfaction to customer profiles
  • • Tailor service programs to personal preferences
  • • Track customer sentiment towards campaigns, products and services
  • • Identify customers at risk of churn
  • • Improve retention models

  • Employee analytics

  • • Map employee strengths and weaknesses
  • • Accurate profiles of top performers in sales, service and other functions
  • • Evaluate management skills and potential
  • • Track employee well-being
  • • Assess job match to recruit ideal candidates
  • • Develop and plan employees' careers according to abilities and potential

  • Value Proposition for your business:

    Increased Sales

    Greater Customer Satisfaction

    Reduced Churn

    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Enhanced Business Value

    Enterprise Solution Operation

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