Speech Analysis

Speech analysis is the process of analyzing the voice and the speech patterns of people. Some approaches of speech analysis are focused on speech recognition - understanding the speech content. Other approaches are focused on speech prosody - understanding the speech “melody” or the pronunciation patterns, typically analysing speech aspects of intonation, rhythm, stress, emphasis.

Speech prosody is strongly related to the physiology of voice and speech production, involving the vocal cords, breathing, pitch, loudness, air flow patterns and other acoustic features. Prosody is used to express the speaker’s attitude, similar to facial expressions – serious, light, dramatic, warm, childish, ironic, urgent etc. Based on physiology and focused on attitude rather than content, speech prosody is generally language independent.

VoiceSense has taken this approach a couple of steps further.

By extracting the generic speech prosody features, we provide not only a language independent analysis but also a speaker independent tool (no need for training or calibrating to the specific voice) for understanding people’s emotions and attitudes (state of mind).

And by adding the characteristic prosodic speech patterns of an individual, we are able to provide personality profiling.



Emotion and personality through speech analysis