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Discover people's true behavior with Voicesense predictive analytics and boost your bottom line


Using machine learning techniques, Voicesense leverages signal processing, clinical psychology and voice analysis expertise to assess an individual’s character and predict future behavior patterns, overcoming language, culture, gender and individual differences.

This real-time, personalized prediction of a person’s behavior and personality is applicable to risk management, character assessment, well-being monitoring, sales enablement and more.

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For Business

Voicesense AI-powered acoustic voice analytics can transform business processes, providing risk assessment and consumer insights. Seamlessly integrating into your existing systems, our API quickly and securely predicts future behaviors and views real-time sentiment.

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For Health & HR

Voicesense analytics allow providers to monitor patient wellness tendencies in order to create personalized health programs. For HR, Voicesense streamlines the hiring and screening processes, as well as monitors employees’ well-being, reducing turnover.

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For Social

Voicesense predictive analytics plugs into existing social and match-making platforms, enabling you and your subscribers to receive real-time communication sentiment trends, personality profiling and data-proven match-making analysis.

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How It

Analyze each call, everywhere

Our fully automated process analyzes live stream or pre-recorded audio files allowing for remote analysis of every call on any voice platform

Predict future personal behaviors

Using machine learning techniques, we provide a personalized prediction of a person’s behavior applicable to various fields like insurance, finance, and contact centers.

Capture the music behind the words

Applying signal processing, we extract more than 200 non-content speech parameters such as intonation, rhythm, pace and emphasis of a speaker

Make smarter business decisions

Leverage the power of voice technology to streamline your business operations, mitigate risks, and boost revenue through predictive analytics and targeted upselling.

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