Increase Engagement & Monetization

Voicesense predictive analytics plugs into existing social and match-making platforms, enabling you and your subscribers to receive real-time predictive analytics on communication sentiment trends, personality profiling and data-proven match-making analysis. Providing added value to your subscription plans, you can expand your user base, up-tier user conversion and overall usage, and, over time, develop precise data to increase matching success.

Our voice analytics can also be also applied to chatbots, allowing them to “read between the lines” and detect user sentiment, behavioral tendencies, and personality attributes. With validated results from acoustics and continual AI calibration, our plug-and-play software delivers critical data into your chatbot’s decision support system, producing better outcomes.

  • Personality & Behavior Matching

  • Atmospheric & Communication Trends

  • Enhanced Chatbot Automation

  • background

Personality & Behavior Matching

Users receive immediate feedback on how they come across. This insight gives users confidence that their true personality is coming across and provides valuable data about each user’s personality trends and types.
Our profiler aligns with international gold standards for personality assessments — such as the Big 5 Personality profiles — and is provided in language that is understandable and easy to digest for users to self-reflect on how they come across to others.
Improve your matching experience by creating a behavior and character profiling of selected individuals, including their own self-awareness profile – for an even more precise matching experience and likelihood of successful match.

Enhanced Chatbot Automation

Guide the conversation with preset segmentation for sales qualification, department transfers, de-escalations, and more.
Forecast sales closing likelihood of users and set alerts for early intervention of very positive or negative interactions.
Get in-depth insights into the preferences, personalities, and behavioral tendencies of your target customers.
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