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What’s the difference between speech and voice analytics?

Speech analytics focus on what was said in a conversation, voice analytics focus on how it was said (i.e. tone, pitch, rhythm, intonation, etc.) Some advantages of voice-over speech are:

1. Voice analytics are language agnostic, meaning the spoken words could be in English, French, Korean, or any other language. Voice focuses only on the acoustics themselves.

2. With voice, we can assess behavioral patterns of a certain person and anticipate, fairly accurately, the person’s future behavior in various life aspects – work, social, health, etc.

What is your software analyzing?

Our voice analysis calculates over 200 acoustic parameters per second from each recording sample (i.e. length, range, slope, frequency, etc.)

Thousands of data points are then calculated and averaged for each recording to reflect the individual’s personal voice patterns – without any personal information about the individual's identity.

Are audio recordings longer than 45 seconds better?

45 seconds are typically enough. In our validation and research studies, no significant changes were found in audio recordings longer than 45 seconds.

Do I need to tell Voicesense which language/s I’m working with?

No, by analyzing the different acoustic features of the voice, our software can analyze any language and/or several languages in the same call/recording.

Should I replace my current system?

Our system seamlessly integrates with other data and analytic systems, enhancing your data collection and predictive capabilities.

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