Voicesense Leadership Team

We’ve put together a team of experts in highly specialized fields, all with the same goal: to develop the best, easiest-to-use predictive analytic products that help you make smarter decisions – based on voice

Yoav Degani Founder, Chief Research & Data Officer

Yoav has a professional analytics background from elite Israeli intelligence units and defense industry, as well as private clinical psychology. Combining his expertise in both, Yoav formed the beginnings of what Voicesense is today. Yoav continues to drive the voice prosody research at Voicesense, working with the data science and signal processing teams to apply the core technology for optimal results across targeted client use cases.

When I set the foundations of Voicesense, I was driven by a clear vision – expand vocal analysis into a fundamental, every day, powerful tool for behavioral prediction. I am extremely proud to see that this vision, now, becomes a reality with Voicesense.

Hafeez Ahmed Jacobson Co-CEO, Sales & Commercial

Hafeez has, for over two decades, managed complex companies and investments across the Globe, living and working in North America, Europe, Asia, South East Asia, and now the Middle East. Combining a career in global investment banking, private equity, and operational management of companies, which included development through exits, has given Hafeez a unique perspective of financial and operational risk – and – what it takes to minimize both. Hafeez now helps to lead Voicesense, looking to provide an environment to harvest success for both its investors and the hard working Voicesense teams and partners.

Even in a smart tech company - that has Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in its core DNA - ultimately, it’s always about people. We have the right people - utilize our minds, and equally, our spirit and energy.

Sam Blanga Co-CEO, Technology & Development

Sam has over 20 years of entrepreneurship and business experience with unique technology knowledge as subject matter expert. Sam helps data-driven companies to find and use their data value to innovate, intelligently, and reach outcomes that matter for business and society. Given his successful investments in a range of world-class companies, including many notable exits in the global Hi-Tech ecosystem, Sam has built long-term relationships and partnerships, cultivating risk reduction in start-ups. Sam now uses his vast network of trusted investors and partners to lead Voicesense as a technology disrupter, not just for the present, but into the future.

Innovation is the key to any successful company and for that matter, any successful society. I am secure with the knowledge that we are at the forefront of the innovation curve and I am driven, like our entire team, by the exponential impact we have on our partner businesses and the wider community as a whole.

Ryan Herman President & Chief Operating Officer

Ryan is a Fintech growth executive, operator, and advisor. Mr. Herman has spent twenty years powering market-shifting ideas by using technology to enhance team productivity, operating practices, and customer experiences—collectively building and commercializing three award-winning fintech companies that served 2+ million customers. Ryan is an early architect of the consumer- direct fintech lending model now widely used by nearly every start-up to Big Bank, has built and scaled multiple companies from nascent idea thru exit including an acquisition by HSBC Bank which at the time was the world’s largest banking and financial services organization and eighth largest company of any kind.

This is the first tool I’ve encountered that so purely and accurately predicts intent and behavior. Gleaning complex insights from a person's voice, in seconds is remarkable. Offering immediate, on-call analytics and instruction elevates a company's performance in so many different verticals.

Dr. John Lawrence, M.D. Executive Director and Head of VoiceSense Health & Wellness

John has over twenty years of experience operating medical clinics and researching and promoting advanced technologies for the treatment and care of patients. Along with his clinical background, John has been a driving force for crafting growth in novel and cutting-edge, and disruptive technologies in health and wellness. He provides a deep-rooted philosophy in the truth of data and facts related to predicting outcomes, rather than sentiment-based strategies. John brings a creative mindset that allows him to apply complex scientific principles into easy to use applications. His care and compassion compel this new venture to offer easy, affordable health and wellness monitoring to people worldwide.

Combining the power and insight from our predictive voice analytics, with the reach of mobile technology, will allow us to transform the access to mental health and wellness monitoring.